Stopping the Negativity

Av | juni 27, 2019

Unfortunately we live in a very negative world. Negativity is all around us on TV, the Internet and the people that we associate with. It is impossible to avoid it unless you want to live alone in the middle of nowhere and be a hermit!

Every time you sit down to watch the news there will be negativity. Someone is causing a problem for somebody else. If you spend a lot of time on social media and online forums then you will be awash with negativity.

People really like to complain and moan about their life don’t they? If you are doing this regularly then you need to stop it right now. But be warned it is not an easy transition. There will always be someone who will happily bring you down with their tales of woe.

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If you come into regular contact with people through your job or another situation then you will know who the negative ones are. You can try to avoid them as much as possible and you should do this. But this will not always be possible.

So how do you counter negativity from people, social media, TV etc. Well social media and TV are easy – spend as little time on them as possible! Some people are addicted to social media. It can actually be a great tool for making money, but you won’t make a cent if you spend time telling people what you had for dinner and reading everyone’s complaints.

If you receive negativity from anyone in any situation here is what you need to do – counter it with a positive thought. If you tell your friends that you are going to be earning $10,000 a month after 90 days a lot of them will not believe you. They will say things like “you will never do that” and “I will believe that when I see it”.

The best thing to do is not to tell them about your plans. If you have to tell them and they shower you with negativity then think positive thoughts. In time this will make you so determined that you will be inspired every time you hear a negative comment.

Have you ever thought about using an Internet Marketing method to make money online and then go to a forum to check out what others think about the method? If you have then you will have found that there are always people who will tell you that the method doesn’t work. They never provide any evidence of course.

These Internet Marketing forums can be very useful and it is possible to learn a lot from them but you must be prepared to deal with the negativity that you will find. Remember to counter any negativity with positive thoughts…

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