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Av | august 12, 2019
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If you’re an affiliate marketer, then one of your most powerful tools is your blog.

That’s because your blog allows you to:
– Pull in traffic from the search engines.
– Establish yourself as a voice of authority in your niche.
– Cultivate relationships and build trust with your readers.
– Promote affiliate products and services in dozens of ways.
The focus of this post is on that fourth (and last) point.

That’s because so many beginning bloggers assume that putting ads around their blog or throwing a couple links into their content are the only ways to make money. Far from it!

Indeed, you’re about to – Discover 2 simple ways you can use your blog to make money promoting affiliate offers

1.Write a Content Post That Specifically Promotes an Offer

Some of the articles you post on your blog serve the purpose of sharing good content as a way to earn your prospects’ trust. In other posts, you may create what amounts to an advertisement for a product (i.e. a direct pitch).

Here I suggest that you combine the two:
by sharing good content while also promoting an offer.

Have you ever seen an “advertorial” in a magazine or newspaper?

These are paid advertisements that look and read like articles.

The reason they work so well is because:
– They DON’T look like ads, so people start reading them.
– They contain useful information, so people keep reading them… right through to the advertisement (which is usually, but not always, at the end of the article).
– You can do the same thing on your blog by creating content posts that promote specific offers.

Create an article about how to cook a big meal for an event. Include affiliate links for cookware that’s designed for the purpose of cooking large amounts of food.

Post an article about how to teach a dog to come when called. Include affiliate link for a dog-training information product.

Put up an article on your blog about making money by buying and selling antiques on eBay. Include an affiliate link to eBay.

2. Post a Review

People are always looking for reviews about specific products. If you do your keyword research, you’ll see plenty of searches that look something like this: “[product name] review.” And that means you can pull in some traffic with your product reviews.

But that’s NOT all.

Your regular readers will also appreciate your product reviews.

That’s because you’ve developed a relationship with these folks. They trust you. And so they’re actually depending on you to give them a good review of products on the market.

Here’s how to create a great review:

Step 1: Read and use the product.

This one is obvious, right? Yet some folks try to take a shortcut by extracting information from the sales letter and/or reading other affiliate’s reviews.

But here’s the thing: Your potential customer could do the same thing. When he reads your blog, he’s NOT looking for a sales letter summary or a rehash of someone else’s opinion.

He’s looking for YOUR opinion. And the only way you can offer it is by reading – and using – the product.

Step 2: Craft an eye-catching title.

A blog post titled “[Product Name] Review” is straight to the point… but it’s also boring.
Instead, you can create a little mystery by using titles like:
Example #1: The Truth About [Product Name]
Example #2: What Every [Target Market Member] Ought to Know About [Product Name]
Example #3: Seven Things You Didn’t Know About [Product Name]

Step 3: Open your review with a summary.
Some people won’t want to pick through a long review just to find out whether you recommend the product or not. That means you should open your review with a fast summary where you:
– Tell the reader what the product is and what it does.
– Share the top two or three good things about the product.
List one or two downsides.
And then close the first paragraph by letting the reader know whether you recommend it or not.

However, just because some people want to skim the review doesn’t mean you should divulge everything in that first paragraph. You WANT your readers to keep reading, because that gives you time to sell the product.

Here’s how to keep them reading: Arouse curiosity in this first paragraph.

For example, when you’re talking about a pro of the product, you can say something like, “This product shares something you won’t see ANYWHERE else (more on that in a moment).”

Step 4: Provide details.
Now you go on to provide a detailed, honest review – product flaws and all. Tell people what you liked and disliked about the product. If you used the product, share your results (along with any proof of your results).

Tip: You’ll actually build credibility by mentioning the flaws and weaknesses. People will trust you more. And that means they’re more likely to buy from you.

Step 5: Close strong.
You’ve shared the good and the bad of the product. Now it’s time to once again restate your opinion about whether you recommend or don’t recommend the product.

If you do recommend the product, quickly reiterate the reason(s) why, such as by reminding readers of the top benefits of the product. Then call your reader to action by specifically encouraging them to click on your link and buy the product.

Tip: Text reviews are great – especially if you include screenshots or pictures of the product. But video reviews take it a step further since you can actually show someone the product in more detail, which helps people imagine owning the product.

Once a person imagines owning a product, they’ve pretty much made the buying decision!

I hope you’ve benefited with these tips!

Don’t want to setup a blog but still wish to make money online? Well, this is actually possible…

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