3 Ways To Buy Quality Traffic

Av | august 26, 2019
3 Ways To Buy Quality Traffic

I’m really excited about this post with you, and once you read it you will be too. And that’s because… You can use it to get instant traffic – as much as you want!

Let me explain… If you’ve read other traffic manuals before, then you already know that many of the popular strategies they teach involve long waiting times or big learning curves. But most busy professionals I know don’t have a lot of spare time to sit around cramming and learning like a high school student with a big test coming up.

Without further delay here is the short version and if you like this ideas you can download the complete report at the end of this post 🙂

  1. Banner Ads Where To Buy Banner Ad Spots

The advantage of buying banner ads is that you get to include graphical elements – like pictures – which help to draw the prospect’s eye to your ad.

You can even design a banner that blends in with the website where you’re buying the ad, which helps reduce “ad blindness” (that’s when people ignore ads that look like ads).

2. Quality PPC Advertising Venues

PPC (pay per click) advertising is one of the fastest ways to get a lot of traffic to your website.

You can literally put an ad up right now and start receiving traffic within a few minutes to an hour or so. And if you put up several ads (perhaps across several PPC venues), you can quickly create a flood of targeted traffic.

Now before I tell you where to find this type of advertising, let me quickly explain how it works…

First off, PPC ads are the ads you see alongside the regular search engine results in Google, Yahoo! and other search engines. These PPC ads also appear on major websites, such as on Amazon.com. Many small website publishers also allow your PPC ads to appear on their websites.

Tip: If you’re using a service like Google AdWords, you can opt out of this
“content network” and instead just have your ads appear alongside the regular search engine results. My recommendation is to test to see which venue works best for you.

3. How To Find Quality Forums That Accept Ads

Forums are one of the best places to buy advertising. And that’s because you’re not putting your ad in front of casual one-time visitors. Instead, you’re putting your ads in front of highly targeted repeat visitors.

What’s more, you’re putting your ads in front of a community who cares about the forum and its owner. Many regular, loyal forum visitors will purchase from a forum’s “sponsors” just as a way to support the forum.

That means that if you pick the right forum (one with a lot of loyal, regular visitors), you’ll likely enjoy a responsive audience. Different forums allow different types of advertising, including text ads and banner ads.

These text and banner ads may appear on the main forum page, between
forums or even between posts.

You may:

  1. Pay a per-month, flat-fee rate for the ad.
  2. Pay per click for the ad.
  3. Pay per impression for the ad.

So how do you find these ads? The easiest way is to run a Google search for your keywords alongside words like “forum advertising.”

Tip: Be sure to only place your ads on targeted, high-quality forums.
Some forums are basically advertising forums, where people come to
place ads and that’s it. Avoid these and stick with popular communities
that accept advertising.

As promised, you can download the complete report and learn on detail on how these 3 types of traffic really work and how you should be working them out.

You wont need to signup to anything, you may download the report instantly 🙂

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