Persuasion Laws Of Internet Marketing – A small introduction

Av | september 8, 2019

Persuasion is a form of social influence. Social Influence is the way of affecting other person’s thoughts or actions. There are specific techniques to help persuade people to adopt new ideas and attitudes toward something.

Over the years of studies and experiences we know exactly what persuade people to take action, change belief, etc. Understanding the main laws of persuasion will give you a big advantage over other marketers online to get your message across and get the results you always wanted.

These are 6 laws with exact samples how you can use them in internet marketing area. It will give you an idea how to take this information and apply in your online business.

Keep in mind that many of these laws originated from the book called, “Influence” by Robert Cialdini.

1. Law Of Reciprocation

This is one of the most powerful weapons of influence but hardly ever used consciously. Actually, most of the time, we are unaware that we use It. This law is saying that we are programmed, conditioned to repay what other people provide to use. For example, if you will send a text message to someone with a Christmas greetings, there is a pressure, obligation on you to reply with similar greetings.

Returning a favor is written in our nature.

This rule is so powerful, because it creates a totally different state of mind for your prospect. People love to buy but hate to be sold. Additionally, this law produces a “yes” response in their minds, that can easily give you an advantage at start.

2. Law Of Commitment And Consistency

Once a person commit to something, there is a rule of consistency, that will push the person to be consistent with their previous decisions, even if the initial benefit was removed.

Consistency is well respected and inconsistency is perceived as a negative feature. The other benefit of consistency is that once a person made their mind on some issue, decision, they don’t need to think about it anymore.

3. Law Of Social Proof

Social proof rule is happening everywhere, all the time.

We are following this rule on our daily basis without even thinking about it. It’s an automatic response. Social proof tells that we are more likely to do the things other people are doing. If you find out that many people are doing something, you will more likely do it or at least be persuaded to try it out, than if no one will do it.

4. Law Of Liking

We tend to be influenced more from the people we like. It means that we value opinions of our friends much more than from the strangers. It’s nothing surprising.
What causes liking?

5. Law Of Authority

People tend to obey authority figures, even if the actions can be questionable. From the small child we did obey our parents and teachers. In adult life we obey to employers, judges. It makes sense because we view authority figure as someone with more knowledge, wisdom and power than we have and it’s smart to obey them.

It may be definitely beneficial for us but it can also allow us for automatic obedience. We are reacting, rather than thinking. We prefer mindless obedience, not questioning authorities.

Authority influence can be stronger than liking influence.

For example, if you are going to a doctor about your medical condition, you are going to believe him more than your friend. It’s obvious. Because authority obedience is written in us from very beginning we tend not to question opinion of the authority figure.

6. Law Of Scarcity

Scarcity can generate higher demand to your product. We tend to think if something is limited, rare in quantity – it has to be valuable. People hate to lose any opportunity to change their life and may resist to not try your offer.

“For limited time only” is a well known marketing tactic to trigger scarcity factor.

If you collect coins, more rare the coin is, more valuable it is. The rarest coins can be sold for a lot of money and the demand for it can be huge. The price rises because of the higher demand. It means you can sell the same content for the higher price if you use the scarcity factor. It will be automatically perceived as more valuable.

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