The Affiliate Freemium Strategy

Av | september 14, 2019

To become a Super Affiliate, you focus on building a list. And building a list is really all about traffic generation.

When you set up a list at your landing page, it’s just a matter of getting more people to visit that page (IE “traffic”) and opt-in (IE “subscribe to the list”). “List building” is just generating traffic to a page where visitors can join your list.

For this post, I want to share what to do once people are on the list. I want to teach you about marketing and monetization.

1.Send out a sequence of emails.

A sequence is a series of connected things that follow one after another. In this case, those “things” are emails. Each of the emails in the sequence are connected to a common goal of getting the subscriber to buy a singular product or service.

They follow one after another to maximize their effectiveness
as they work together to warm up the subscriber to your offer
by preselling.

2. Giving away freemiums.

The word “freemium” is a contraction of the words “free” and “premium”. It’s a premium freebie. A high-perceived-value giveaway. It’s often known as a “lead magnet” when it is given away to entice new subscribers to join a list.

The important thing to note is that the early part of the sequence is giving away high quality free stuff. And it is all set up to get sales…

3. That move subscribers forward in the buying process

Both the freemiums AND the emails are promotional. I’ll explain more about that in the next section, but I want you to understand that both of these should be pieces that influence the buying decision.

While the freemium will contain helpful information, it will also be designed so that it actually becomes a promotion agent for the affiliate program as well.

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