Hidden Customer Profits

Av | september 28, 2019

If you want to make more money with your business, one good
place to start is on your order forms.

Think about it…
You have a prospect with a credit card already in their hand. They’re in a buying mood. So there’s a good chance that if you put a related offer in front of them (the proverbial, “you want fries with that?”), they’ll take it.

And that means you’ll make more money with every customer who walks through your door.

So how do you create a backend or upsell offer that gets your
prospects clicking the “Yes” button? Like this…

1.Make Sure the Upsell Enhances The Main Offer

The very first thing you need to do is make sure any upsell offer is tightly related to the main offer. In fact, not only should it be tightly related, ideally your upsell should enhance the use or enjoyment of your main offer.

Take the classic example at a fast food restaurant. I guarantee that if you walked into McDonalds and ordered a hamburger, any well-trained clerk would ask if you wanted fries and/or a drink with that. And a lot of people say yes to this offer,

because fries and/or a drink enhances the enjoyment of the burger. Now you can do the same thing, no matter what you’re selling.

2.Offer an Irresistible Deal

Dropping a related offer in front of your prospect is great. But turning that offer into an irresistible deal is even better. Take the fast food example again. If you order a burger with a small fries and drink, the clerk will ask you if you want to “biggy size” the order for just a small extra charge. The deal is irresistible.

You get a LOT more food for just a tiny bit more money. No matter what you’re selling, you can do the same thing.

3.Use Short-Form Copy

You’ve got an eager prospect sitting in front of your order form with their credit card in hand. Now is not the time to put another long sales letter in front of them.

They’re eager to buy.

Putting another wall of text in front of them might just have them hitting the back button and abandoning the order form!

You see, you’ve already done the hard work of getting them into the necessary emotional state needed to make a purchase.

You’ve already built your credibility. You’ve already established trust. You don’t need to do these things again. So what you need to do now is simply focus on the benefits of the upsell offer. In fact, your upsell may be nothing more than a benefit-driven headline, a list of benefits, and a call to action…

4.Frame The Price

The next thing for you to remember is that you’ve already sold your prospect on purchasing the main offer.

They’ve already agreed to whatever price you’re charging.

So when you extend the upsell offer, you’ll want to frame the price so that it focuses on the upsell only.

5.Create a Sense Of Urgency

Nothing gets people clicking the order button like a real sense of urgency. And one great way to create this sense of urgency is by making your upsell offer scarce.

For example, you might create a one-time offer. This is an offer that’s only available right now. If the prospect doesn’t grab it, they won’t be able to get it later. Or if the product is available elsewhere, the prospect will need to pay full price.

6.Use a Strong Call To Action

The good copywriting rules apply to your upsell just as they do to your main offer. And that means you can’t just drop the order link in front of your prospects and expect them to click it.

Instead, you need to provide a strong call to action.

This means you tell prospects what to do next, and give them a
good reason to do it.

7.Make It Easy

If you followed all the tips above, then you have a prospect who’s as ready as she’ll ever be to place her order.

At this point, your goal is to make it as easy as possible for her to place that order and grab the upsell.

Don’t make your prospects jump through hoops. Don’t slip unnecessary steps between them and their order. Don’t put obstacles in the way. Because if you do any of this, the prospect is likely to lose their enthusiasm and abandon their shopping cart.

You’ve heard the saying, “strike while the iron is hot.” When it comes to sales, the iron is about as hot as can be when you have a prospect filling out an order form.

That’s why it’s a great time to “strike” by offering an upsell offer they can’t

So boost your sales by inserting upsells on your order forms today – and boost your conversions using the seven surefire tips you just discovered!

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